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Check the list below for a full view of all current promotions. Do you have an important job interview coming up? Or a fancy wedding to attend? Well, no matter the reason, having a well-fitted suit is key to dressing to impress. Because of this, a custom tailored suit is the way to go. Not only will you look good, but you'll feel good in your personalized clothing. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions regarding custom clothing that can cause men to feel inclined to purchase off the rack.

But this article is going to look at some common myths about custom suits to help ease your concerns. When it comes down to it, you simply can't compare a suit that was made specifically for you to a suit that was designed and produced in mass quantities. A professional tailor will provide an unbeatable level of quality. Because you can choose the fabrics, style, and colors for your custom suits, your suit will get personalized care and attention.

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Tailored suits are crafted with great attention to detail, meaning they will be flawless compared to a suit you would normally get off the rack. Ill-fitting mens suits can make the wearer look sloppy and unprofessional. On the other hand, custom tailored suits are designed to fit each unique body without being uncomfortable.

Tailors are experienced enough to know important fitting information, like that about two centimeters of a men's shirt collar should be shown by the suit jacket collar. And as a body changes, so does the way a suit fits. Generally, it's going to be difficult to have an off the rack suit altered properly to fit your new body. This will lead to you having to purchase another suit. However, custom mens suits are designed to fit changing body shapes and can be easily altered to fit your body. Because of this, you'll get many years out of your custom suit.

A custom suit can make you look professional and polished. It will not only save you money in the long run, but it can also save you the wasted time and frustration that can come with trying to find a suit off the rack that fits you perfectly. This is because designer suits make the man and fewer things can make as bold of a statement as custom clothing.

However, with winter on the way, you now have to calculate how dress coats will factor into your everyday wardrobe. There are various kinds of dress coats Treat's Squire Shop has to offer: workwear jackets, pea coats, and toggle coats. Yet no dress coat is as well-suited to the well-dressed man's winter wardrobe than the topcoat. The versatility of a tailored topcoat Pea coats and toggle coats work well with mens clothing, but they're not all that versatile.

That is, a pea coat may be too short when it comes to staying warm in designer suits whereas a toggle coat may be seen as too casual for the workplace. The topcoat, on the other hand, offers plenty of layering ability even with designer suits and it's perfectly capable of keeping you warm no matter the weather. Need more proof of the topcoat's versatility?

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Consider these three ways to wear a topcoat this winter season:. All dressed up and nowhere to snow.

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One of the classiest ways to wear a topcoat is over a gray flannel suit and a heavily-textured tie. The flannel suit will help keep you warm during those chilly date nights while the texture of the tie gives a little pizzazz. Compliment your attire with a pocket square the same color of your topcoat and finish off the outfit with a pair of black classy boots. Keeping it casual at the holiday party.

For a more casual look that's still work-worthy for your company's holiday bash, consider a crewneck sweater and a nice button down. A pair of dark denim jeans and nice leather sneakers or boots class it up while keeping it casual. A watch with an olive strap or another neutral tone will play with the neutral colors of the shirt and pants. The most colorful time of the year.

Playing with colors, especially during the winter when the sky is drab, is always a pleasure. Consider using burgundy as the base color for your outfit.

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A burgundy sweater paired with a chambray button-down and dark denim jeans will keep you looking stylishly textured, but also warm. Add a pair of chukka boots and you're ready to roll. Any man can look impressive in custom clothing and tailored suits. However, only you can work your wardrobe the way you do. Take a look at the dress coats at Treats Square Shop today to see how you can stay warm and stylish this winter season. Follow the link to watch the episode. We are participating in Small Business Saturday again this year and will be offering store-wide discounts on your favorites.

So come on in and support your favorite local clothier and get some of your Christmas shopping done at the same time.

One one hand, the term "custom clothing" can evoke images of expensive, unnecessary clothing. On the other hand, custom clothing can be seen as an opportunity to invest in clothing that will fit your body perfectly, last for years, and allow you to express your unique style. If you're still on the fence about custom clothing, read these few benefits of having your clothing custom-made.

With ever-changing fashion rules, it can be pretty hard to tell what's appropriate to wear to certain events. When most people hear the term "dress code", they're likely to think of workplace attire. But that's not the only place that requires a certain type of attire. If you have a big event coming up with very vague dress code requirements, you need to know specifics. Read on to figure out what each dress code entails. While most men think it means suits and ties, it actually entails mens dress clothes that most men might not even own.

Formal wear for men means a tuxedo type of dress coats and vest for mornings and day events, and a white tie for an evening event. About Us. Choose the Membership that Fits Your Lifestyle. Cancel anytime. Buy Now. Over 75, coupons conveniently accessed on our mobile app and online.


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It is important to keep in mind that you will have to budget for additional accessories and attire that is not included the average price of tuxedo rental. Further, be sure to contact the store you will be renting from as soon as you know you will need a tuxedo.

This is particularly necessary to keep in mind during busy seasons, such as prom season in March-April, and wedding season during the summer months. If you are renting tuxedos for a wedding party, it is recommended that tuxedos be reserved at least two months in advance. Often, rented tuxedos need to be returned to the store the day after your event. Those that are returned late will incur a late fee for each late day. Will it look cheap and worn out? Tuxedo rentals are not always inexpensive; therefore, it is only natural to want to ensure that you look like a million bucks on the day of your event.